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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mussels ~ Love It To The Bits

Last weekend was the most enjoyable moment as I could cook the most fave meal. It's been so long we had never had this mussels..

There was a boy came and drop by to my house sell them..Boleh tahan jugak laa mahalnyaa mak cakap..Well craving punya pasal..it still make me full of excited :-)

Here it is after been  turned into a tempting dish..yummy gummy I tell u...hmmm..

The recipe..?? It was same goes here..malas gilaa nak taip banyak2 kali..it was just only different when the squid been changed to this mussels..

So moms out there, what are you waiting for, turn your cooking skill and I bet it could be wayyyyy better than this one..huhuhuu...

Happy cooking..!!
Cheers ;-)

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