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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obsesiku Datang Lagi

I had ever once blogged about the obsession of mine collecting the syria type of hijab (tudung) and now after so long I was keeping quiet on demanding for it..I think it is now the obsession is come again when I had done such a wholesale like shopped of few new collection on my hijab..hihihii..

Owhh my darling..please feel sorry to your wifey yerrr as this is not a revolt or what nots...Almaklum jaa lah dah lama tak membeli kann.. ~wink~

And readers and friends..again..I am sorry as I am not doing any business of tudung here yer.. :-)

Pearl Haya-like-syria shopped from Zeti Juyanti 

Dah rasa macam The Queen of Middle East pulak dah..hikhiks..
~sila kasik chance saya nak perasan yer~ 

Simple with no accesories :-)

People nowadays are talking about the new style of wearing tudung and I am such an obsessed to have it too..Thanks Zeti for this most satisfied stuffs from your shop..I like.. :-)

Till then and see ya with the other stories yeah..


Drama Mama said...

wah wah tudung baru. lepaih ni beli yang 2 colors bersilang plak. :-D

psttt, berkenan ngn pearl haya cotton shawl tapi awat mahai sangat! hehe


Imma said...

hikhiks..haa ahh..baru sampai tghari tadi..balik2 sekolah tgk dah ada..apa lagi..menerai sakan laa...smpi buat entry terus..sbb si kecit tidoq bleh laa blogging..hihi..

BTW..mmg pearl haya mahai gilaks..imma kalau tudung mahai sgt mmg tak beli laaa akuu...but this one material dia very nice..sgt puas hati :-)

Wanie said...

lawa la semua tudung yg imah pakai...
sesuai gitu...