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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Auntie Rose Vanilla Custard with Mix Fruit

My very first time ever trying this for today's iftar..I am not sure how nice it is but you may want to finished it all once they reach to your mouth..ngeee..perasann..!!

 Hasil air tangan haku..!!! yippie yummie..

I am thanking Auntie Rose for her kindness to share this simple dimple secret recipe. Sorry as I do not know if she has her own link, will update with it if so, but if you have anything in your mind to bake, PM me for the place to go to get the recipe from Auntie rose..hikhiks..

Well, here you go the super simple recipe from Auntie Rose.

1 litre of full cream milk
120g vanilla flan
2 table spoon of condensed creamer
2 cups of Mix fruit of your choice

And the way to prepare:
Heat the milk to boil, then pour the vanilla flan all into the boiled milk and stir them until they well blended.
Put in the condensed creamer and the mix fruit of your choice. Heat until they almost boiled then you may want to turn the stove off.
Pour everything into the container and left it to cool naturally. After all, it's your choice to put it in the fridge or don't as it is ready to be serve.

Is that simple..?? Happy cooking.. :-)


zarin said...

hi dear!
i love this type of pudding...hmm tengok ni pun dah kecur ayar liuq :)

Imma said...

Hi Zarin..
Thanks for visiting..nanti rajin2 laa dtg lagi erk..

BTW, simple dimple desert..boleh laa cuba..I dah share the recipe.. ;-)

Drama Mama said...

wahhh dah terer buat custard. tapi tak pakai tepung custard eh yang nih? vanilla flan tu apa eh cik imma?


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Bai..taktau laa vanilla flan tuh apa..dah auntie rose tuh ajag guna yg tuu..ikut kan ja laa..hihi..but then sgt best laa Bai..sewiuss..hihi..try laa nanti..

Ehh..imma tak pernah tgk tepung kastard tuh camna (keji tak..?) tp rasanya lebih kurang kutt..

Drama Mama said...

tepung custard tu very fine and white, bila bancuh ngn air dia jadi kuning, sama ka cam vanilla flan?