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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Would You Do Anything or Just Do Nothing..?

Hey peeps..I am seeking for your personal opinion here. If...I said if..If you had came across to the situation where by there are sombody seems does not to like you for some reason that you did not know..??

Or, there are a situation where somebody does not to like you for NO REASON even though you have been soooo kind and nice to him / her and hence you have no problem with people all around you but then you feel like that you still been dislike..??

I am kind of person that very much a humble person..I like transparent and I like a truthful in friendship..I am not such a stab back kind of person..I like and will make clear the situation for something that I don't suppose being blamed and therefore people wont think something bad or wrong behind me..Owh..are that really still bad..? Tell me..

But one that I really believe in is..no matter how nice and kind you are doing..you will not be able to make satisfy everyone..That is the reason WHY Allah create HIS slave to be different for every single person.. :-)

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