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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sepetang di Kampung Atuk

The weekend time spent with the little time being at MIL house last Saturday and Sunday, with my to beloved boys of course. And the most excited was my little boy wandering around. He had a much fun moment while scouting all over the ground wading with the sand..

The rambutan tree just beside the house providing the surrounding that so calm and dim.

Hubby was unloading the luggage from the bonnet while the little boy was measuring the ground and counting the pieces of the sand and gravel..hiks hiks..

In the evening, there were a good time spent picking the rambutans..bekalan bukak posa...as the little boy was so much nagging asking for 'putan-putan' (rambutan).

Click on the picture to view the large image and there you will see the mils of rambutans on the tree at the back of the MIL's house..wee.....heaaaaven... :-)


Drama Mama said...

tak dan nak makan rambutan tu! bawak pi umah aunty malam tu..sambil sembang sambil depa dok makan...abeh begitu saja. huhuhuhu


Papakeechee said...

Nak kena rambutan for berbuka ni ... huwarghhhhhh!!!! i want!!!! T_T

IbuAimy said...

ermmm..best nye kg dia....

Imma said...

Haa..takpa..kalau nak lagi nanti kami balik kampung amik..then nanti suruh Fadzil kirim kat Amin kat offc naa...hihi..tak mengidam kann..klu mengidam esok nak kirim kat MIL suruh bawak ke Kulim..hikhiks..

Imma said...

Rina..nak jugak erk..mengidam kaa tidak..klu mengidam kami nak kena pi amik jugak laa bagi.. ~wink~

Imma said...

Alaa..tu pun nasib baik ada MIL yg kampung dekat..nak harap kampung atuk sendiri jauh nun di Johor sana..huhu..

Well..mmg best kann kampung nii...tenang jer dapat sesekali balik..

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