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Monday, August 30, 2010

Butterfly Shop 1st Giveaway

Right and here, the last minute entry in order to support my dearie friend giving away the super sweet gift..hikhiks..

Walupun tak pernah seumur hidup menang cabutan bertuah..tapi kali ni..Saya ingin sgt nak menang hadiah daripada Butterfly Shop giveaway ni..harap2 ada laa kut rezki dapat tudung raya kan..cuma kalau tak menang pon takpa..janji hati puas dapat bagi sokongan kat kawan-kawan..

So to those out there, there are still time to give yourself an opportunity to win the prize from this sweet giveaway from Adha, the owner of Butterfly Shop that selling variety types of tudung, shawl, pashmina and etc etc etc.

Joining the contest..?? do click HERE for simple dimple joining instruction..wee hee...Good luck all...and good luck to myself.. :-)

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