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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1st Birthday Moment @Mummy_Ayu Giveaway

While surfing through some of my friend's blog, I had came across with this 1st Birthday Moment @Mummy_Ayu Giveaway..Seems like a good start to get to know another new friend and hence I made up my mind to join the contest..Further more my little prince was just had his 1st birthday past few days which was held on the 1st November 2009..Happy 1st Birthday to my little one Muhammad Danish Wafiq. Dah besaq laa syg mummy nii... ;-) Here the photos of the day that would like to be bet..
Ni dia the birthday cake of his birthday..super duper simple..tempah 2 3 hari before majlis..preparation yang agak kalut as i was just came back from Shah Alam..ada post-prac session @UiTM..Reach Penang on Thursday and at night terus pegi tempah kek..Friday balik kampung mertua @Serdang to send invites..Saturday back to Penang in the late afternoon baru start the preparation. Luckily ada mak and siblings yang very helpful..

Boboy with his birthday cake. At first dia mcm kejakunan sket tgk kek tuh..besaq sgt agaknya kot and after a few minutes only he start to smile excitedly when papa started to put the candle on it..

Here he had few of his friends and cousin sisters singing a happy birthday song to him and he seems so excited looking and finger pointing on the candle light..When mummy said blow..blow..blow...he started to blow..tapi tuh laa..sikit pon tak bergerak api lilin tuu..hehehee..and finally mummy yang tolong tiup..well..mummy's birthday pun on November as well.. :-P

Time for cutting cake..but up to this stage..Boboy dah very sleepy..plan for cutting cake is actually at 3pm but waiting for his atuk..aunties and uncles to arrived..plan had been dragged to 4pm..of kos laa merajuk sbb dah mengantuk sgt..

So peeps out there..come and join us here..Share your story and the contest will be closed on 10 November 2009 dan hadiah yang menanti masih lagi menjadi rahsia but one of it will be sponsored by Notti Netti..Menarik kann..So what else to wait... Jom visit Mummy_Ayu..yeaaayy..!!


mummy_ayu said...

salam kenal...tq coz join my contest..Happy Belated Birthday yer Danish..gambar terbaru gitu..dah check dah ur entry..semua ok.LULUS.so..good luck yer!

mummy_ayu said...

lupa nak ckp..kek 1st b'day danish sama la..sponge bob..ngan kek 1st b'day my hero Ian. comel!

Drama Mama said...

imma cantik la kek tu, berapa eh? chocolate cake ka? sedap tak? hehe

banyak plak tanya

Imma said...

tengkiu...insyaAllah klu ada rezki...bole jd adiah b'day dia..hehehee..salam kenal to u.. ;-)

Imma said...

mummy_ayu: owhh really..hehehe..papa dia yang choose to have spongebob anime on the cake...ima ikut jaa..

Mama_Drama: Bai...tak sampai hundred pon..pi kat BreadR'us @Sunshine Square..double layer choc and vanilla..