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Thursday, November 12, 2009

MacLaren Strollers - Biggest Children's Product Recalls of 2009

To all mommy out there..just drop by to share this info out to those that using the Maclaren Umbrella Stroller..Please do click the link that i have provided here to check on the details of information..

I am not sure if this is applicable to only US or all over the country (but the info said NATIONWIDE) for those parents that have this kind of baby stroller. Well, as my little boy is using Graco Mosaic stroller..huhuu..klu tidak boleh laa kot dapat ganti yang baru.. :-P (but they just provide the replacement of the kit for FREE)

I just got it from parenting website (iVillage) through my email and just to let you all know..If even we are not eligible for this recall issue but at least this would be a valuable info to parents those are choosing stroller for their babies..

Wish you all have a nice day and happy parenting.. :-)


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