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Saturday, November 14, 2009

SunGlasses for Mummy..??

One more thing that become Boboy's fave is to wear sunglasses.. Right exactly like his mummy and his papa..hehehe esp mummy those always like tak boleh dipisahkan dgn sunglasses dia..hehehe...Satu letak dalam keta sendiri and one more in hubby's car..so at anytime we go out..senang..

Like mummy like son..Boboy pon kalau dibaginya sunglasses bukan main suka dia melaram as last night we went for outing..papa wants to seek for his shirt for next week dinner..so kami nih tumpang sekaki laa mencuci mata..tgkkan jer laah gelagat si kenit nih when i give him to try sunglasses..heheheheee...

Seems like he love this one so much...owhh..for mummy kaa..no way..not my taste laa sayang..its too big for my face hokeyhh...you may want to choose it for papa.. :-P

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