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Friday, November 13, 2009

Boboy Loves Mickey Mouse

Yeahh..this is the mickey mouse that i got for my 27th b'day from my boyfriend (my hubby dah skrg).
Now this mickey mouse is belongs to Boboy..every time dia nak ada mickey nih..nak tidor..nak main...all are together..

I don't know whether it is good or not to train our kids or toddler to love the soft toys..Most of the parents with girls kids will train them to love barbie doll or at least a teddy bear but what if they are a boy as mine...I don't have any idea from where he get the spirit of loving soft toys so much..I bet may be when he always saw his two cousin sisters holding theirs while come over to mom's house.But I don't mind for him to like or love any toys that came to his interest but please jgn yang mengarut2 hokeyh Boboy..

Boboy love teddy as well and no doubt he love mickey mouse sooo much..until his papa said "ni kenan mummy hang laa nih dgn mickey mouse jaa.." hehehehee...i have to admit it if it may be he get it from me..hahaha..
this happened when me and hubby went to Carrefour Seberang Jaya few month back i guess

Few weeks back, he got a tortoise soft toys from his cousin sisters from Kulim..and he keeps holding that tortoise at all the time..every day..kiss it..hug it..no word to say but he looks so interested of it..

Last weekend, we went to AEON Seberang Perai City and dropped by at one disney's boutique to seek a belt for him but he really excited looking at the mickey's mascot right in front the boutique. And when I gave him one of mickey soft toy to him, he will really hug and kiss them excitedly..His papa said, ask from mummy where the mickey mouse that papa gave during mummy's 27th birthday :-P

And last week, me and hubby went to Jusco @Queensbay Mall, I got a teddy bear for JCard renewal, and Boboy holding it all the way there until we get into the car to go back..hahahaa..
and this is the teddy that i got for JCard renewal gift..peluk laa all the way dalam kereta..this is in the car on the way back from clinic..kena cucuk for 12 months old

I believe that Boboy is a boy that have a very sensitive heart..he might be a loving person as well (mesti sayang kat adik dia klu ada adik nanti ;-) )..Dia sangat manja..he is funny and cheeky to everyone around him..esp his mummy and papa..We really proud of you our little boy..

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