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Monday, November 2, 2009

~ kembali bersiaran ~

I've been off from blogging neither FB-ing since my lat post about the 'Last Episode' last week. That time i was just came back from Shah Alam..After being all out for that 3-4 days been at Shah Alam, on Friday tuh demam seharian tak larat nak buat apa pon..Our plan to go back to hubby's hometown in the morning as well has been dragged to the evening..penat2 pon balik la jugak on Friday tuu since hubby had took leaved..Luckily on Thursday night sempat pi tempah b'day cake for my little boy birthday ;-).

Saturday came back from kampung and prepare everything and what not utk Sunday event..We (me and hubby) went to pasar malam @Bayan Lepas to buy a whole chicken..tiba2 hujan lebat sgt..apa lagi berhujan laa kitorg dua org..dah laa pi ngan moto plak tuh..nak cepat pnya pasal kann..biasalaa..nak avoid been stucked in traffic jammed..nasib baik laa tak demam..

Sunday (1st Nov), we had couples of neighbours, hubby's siblings, MIL, my very old friends, relatives to gather at our houise again since we had makan-makan raya last few weeks..but this time around, we did celebrate our (me & hubby) little boy 1st birthday..Yeahh time fly very fast..Boboy is now one year old boy...Mummy really wish that you will grow up to be a good son, a wonderful human being and of course jadi hamba yang mentaati Allah..insyaAllah..I pray for you my dear little son.. ;-) aminnn...

* post and piccas of the yesterday's occasion will be updated soon..

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Drama Mama said...

happy birthday boboy. nanti claim pressie from uncle amin kay :-D