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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of the Last Weekend

@Aquarium, Batu Maung

Last Saturday hubby had brought me and Boboy to visit an aquarium that located at Batu Maung, Penang..Sounds funny kan..I had been staying at Permatang Damar Laut for years which 3km and about 10 minutes driving distance from home but never allocate even single minutes to drop by there for a visit since it was opened few years back..And last Saturday we decided to visit of what they have there..asyik sebut2 jaa akuarium...akuariumm kat batu maung but tak pernah teringin nak pi pun..biasa laa klu dah dekat memang laa mcm tu..buat tak heran jaa kan.. :-PUnluckily the water tank was under maintenance so visitors are not allowed to go in for further exploration and for more species of fishes and marine life but what we can have were a walk around outside the aquarium site and not so much we can discovered..just kolam ikan and the auditorium to see few fishes species in a big aquarium..lain2 pun ada laa jugak sikit such like penyu laa..starfish laa..and I was soooo jakun excited seeing the dragon fishes..mak aii besaaaaarrrr punyaaa.. ~sound like iklan maggi asam laksa~ ahahahhahaa...

Here are some of the piccas that we have on that day...and as well with the very few of marine life yang ada kat luar..My little boy bukan main excited lagi..sampai muncung2 mulut tuu telling his mummy that he was seeing a lot of fishes..kekkekeee
We had planned for the next visit after they had finished with their maintenance and upgrade work so on and so forth..Who knows they are doing the multilevel aquarium ker kann...mustahil :-P


Drama Mama said...

haaa menarik. nanti ble la bawak irfan pi sebab dia suka sangat fishhhh. hiks

Imma said...

yess..menarik for kids..boboy sgt excited tgk fishes yg banyak dalam kolam and tunnel..and irfan nanti lagi laa.

but Bai..dia nyer main aquarium tutup lagi under maintenance..nanti dah bukak smla..kami nak pi lagi..jom laa..nanti kami roger2 wokeyhh.. ;-)

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