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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dell Charity Run & Family Day - Pre-Story

OK..before I get to bed..just to show off this excited-ness of tomorrow activity..
And...tadaaa......Dell Charity Run 2011 organized  by Dell..

T-shirt for Mr. Hubby and me..

Till now first...wanna go for bed time first..perhaps tomorrow will have some free time to continue the story about the run..yeahhh...Lama tak lari since my last run this year March during school 6km cross-country programme :-)

Hopefully everything goes fine..Mana tau kut-kut ada rezki nak menang lucky draw...sebab nak menang lari tak mungkin lah..satu sbb memang konfem pancit..and satu lagi sbb bawak my little boy too..dah nama pon family day kann..kena pegi with whole family laa...

Cheers ;-)

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