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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Sweet Sour Layer Cake in the Making

Yes I am terribly bored today when it comes to 'nothing to do' at home this whole day..hubby kerja..nak masak..lauk masak ptg semalam banyak lagi..plus tak dak orang nak makan since everyone in the house are fasting except maks (Mom and MIL) and little boy..Since maks said they don't want to have anything and enough with the existing meal, so I don't have to move my bump for cooking...

Tapi makin laa terasa kebosanan bila tak buat apa2...sebelum bijik mata nii mintak diselimutkan dek kelopak mata..I better wake up and do something..And finally i end up my mind with this baking idea...

The mixed ingredients and been separated into colors ;-) nice though....

The moment while steaming the 2nd layer..
and there will be more or less about 5 to 6 more layers to go..

I seems can't believe when the laziness was at the maximum of feelings..I can go with this most I hate thing to do...duk mengukus selapih selapih...huh! It's uncounted when my MIL came and go with her words.."Ghenyahhnyaa laaa hai nak kena kukuih satu-satu lapih..kalau mak laa, tak ghajin laa nak buat.." takpa makkk...satgi siap nii..regardless apa rasa..kita bantai jaa laa naa....hikhiks..

Later when it's come to an acceptable look and taste, I certainly will share the baking fun time here..see ya again later..


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