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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lapan Tahun Tak Payah Beli Kasut Dah!

I have been seeking high and low for my new sandal to replace the one that I have currently since the early of this year and now only I manage to get them..huhuhuu...sooo bad of me yang sememangnya tooo fussy I guess in choosing foot outfit especially sandals..

Mine that I have now is the one that I bought while I was 3  months expecting the lil-boy and until these days I am still wearing it for all occasion..

Last weekend, we went to Sunshine Square to seek for my school shoe that been damaged and it was kind of coincidentally I came across with those Scholl new arrival corner, but unluckily they have no size to fit my foot..huh! And the next day, hubby took me to Scholl Bukit Jambut if we could find it there..masih tak bernasib baik jugak...and the next day..the seekking mission been continued to Queensbay Mall and there only I managed to get it..thanks God..tapi bila dah menjamu mata tuu..apa lagi..tiba-tiba bleh terjatuh chenta kat sepasang lagi...So...I got them for 2 pairs at once..

Really I am deeply satisfied with those sandals I got...lepas nii kira bole laa ala-ala tak heran tengok kasut or sandal...but guess what Mr. Hubby said.."Kira lepas ni lapan tahun laa erhhh tak payah beli kasut..dah payah sangat mencari..." Hahahahaa..Whatever lahh my Darling..most important is...you have no need to layan karenah mencari kasut bini you nii berbulan-bulan lamanyaa.. :-D

Till here first..nanti kita sambung lagi erk..things is not yet out from the box..hikhiks..
See ya in the next story..
Cheers peeps ;-)

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