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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Big Iftar Before Raya

Sebelum raya hari tuu sempat laa berbuka ala-ala meriah buat kali terakhir..The place been chosen was Coffee Garden Equatorial Hotel..The place was very nice such like the garden environment with the cool landscape, the little fishpond and fountain, cool music in the background..The food was good too but there were too much and variety of food to choose on, sampai tak sempat to try them all..

Anyway, as usual, the pics could tell better than words i guess.. :-)
Since we arrived there like about an hour to break fast time, we had spent the time wandering around the lobby square, and the little boy love to look at the waterfall so much.. :-) sentimental jugak anak I nii..hihihi..

 the view from the lobby area

with my little boy..dah macam big boy kan.. ;-)

Lady mommy with her little munchkin...
possing tak hengat dua beranak nii..

 The three of us

Pose at the background

And now, jom tengok the variety of foods yang sempat diambil gambar sebab si anak kecil ku tak henti2 berlari..

 Cold drinks at Coffee Garden EQ Hotel

 Mr. Crab yang menjadi buruan Encik Hubby..
Very superb meal of choice
But to a person yang malas macam aku..bye  bye laa.. :-P

Food stations just like a streets of stalls..macam-macam ada..

Small waterfall instead of the big one with the swimming pool.. :-D
but this one had make the lil-boy more than excited to look at..muahahahaha..
Sila laa excused-kan kejakunan anak haku..

 Anak dan bapak jenjalan pilih makanan apa nak dimakan..
The most closer station was kambing panggang..sedapppp.....!!!!
yummy yummy yumm yumm....

Heh...tu gaya-gaya macam nak go back to the room jaa...
Oppsss...not but not...just a small walk around the lobby area to their bubble lift..
Cool eye-treatment view..

And after this..after raya to be exact lah kann.. there was a promise to try on a Japanese food treat here at Kampachi Japanese Restaurant, EQ....kan abang kan....love love love.. ;-)

Till then..see ya again perhaps with the raya story after this..

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