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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dell Charity Run & Family Day - Full Vers

It's of our last weekend..Super tiring but we had so much fun on the day especially my little one..I had bloged out the day before about we are going for the charity run organized by Dell..

Last Saturday, Dell had a fun time organizing the charity programme where by there were mils of activities on the day and the main were the run of course for charity. There were 2 categories of participation which were 5km Full Run (larian yang aku tergedik-gedik beriya-iya nak lari tapi telah DIHALANG KERAS oleh incik Hubby) and the 2km Fun Run for those that bring their family and kids for together to have fun of joining it..

There were various of activities been held such like lucky draws number, games, souvenirs for sale, foods of choice of course yang FREE! and the most interesting was when there were clowns wandering around with varied characters. Cycling in their gown as well as some that were get around on the high feet entertaining all the guests. And I was very proud when I could introduce to my lil one that it was a CLOWN actually boy..where by all this while he was learning and looking it over the books and TVs only..jakun jugak laa seketika anak aku pertama kali tgk clown which actually alive..hahahahaa...

RM5 photo for charity..and the size was just a piece of an ATM card

 And so I could place it into my wallet

Woke up at as early as 6.00am in the morning and the same goes to the lil boy easily woke p at 6.30am, we headed to Dell for registration at almost 7plus.

As early at about 7 in the morning, the crowds begin to fulfill the Dell compound. 

While hubby was with the registration matter, here the lil boy was wandering around looking for things that could grab his interest.

Staring to something that captured his heart...ada laa tuuuuu... ;-)

 Whoopppsss....this thing rupa-rupanyaaa...Giant ship deck balloon.

And this too....ok ok...sabaq sat naaa...huh..

And the run starts at approximately around 7.45am..Semangat sungguh anak aku nih punnn...Just like mommy like son... ;-) bapak cool jaaa... :-P Well, don't you believe that he could finished more than 1km i guess and lepas tu dah tak larat...so what else, daddy have to carry  laaa for the rest of the hundreds meters of distance to the finish line..


Well, the meal were provided, we had nasi lemak and drink for breakfast, drinking water free refill, sausage, pop corn and ice-cream for refreshment...

 Ni jaa yang sempat di ambik gambaqnyaa..ni pun dah tak sabaq nak makan..lapaq dahh..

The most  interesting were the games where we managed to collect a bundle of keropoks..huhhh...itu pun tak sempat habis semua games been tried as the little boy was tightly sleeping in his stroller..penat berlari laa tuh plus he had woke up early in the morning..

Here are the gifts that we managed to collect from the day..and of course the little boy was soooooooo happy since we get a lot of his favourite creature of Angry Birds...weee huuuuu..tengok ja laa muka dia...

The most favourite gifts among the gifts..

With all the gifts..

Sensorred lah Danish nii...ada kaa dia kata...
"Mummy..mummy..tengok angry birds nii 'ciyomm'.." muahahahahaa

Bundles of snacks..boleh buat meniaga Hubby kata..ni baru sikit nii..the other peoples collect lagi laa banyak...dua tiga bundle! boleh...??
And the most front were the Angry Birds photo frame..yeayy!!

Owhh...now I realized, there were no even one of me in the pictures..And as had been destined, a photographer will always never a chance to be in the picture...tsk tsk tsk..

All in all, it was such a fun and interesting moment and event. Just we were still have no luck to win the lucky draw..huhuhuuu..takpa..takdak rezeki...

Anyway, have a nice time peeps..
Cheers ;-)


mummy_ayu said...

popular tul burung marah nie... :-)

Imma said...

Tuuu lahh kann..almost all kids like them...haishhh...