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Monday, September 19, 2011


It's been for years since my last time looking to the rainbow over the cloud until today I could see it this evening..It was damn cool which I seems could not turned my eyes round from staring on it..

Since the little boy was away following his aunties jalan-jalan jumpa cuzzies...we (me and hubby) had some time spent together honey to the moon, jalan-jalan..makan-makan only the two of us..

And it was a rainy day the whole day today, and end up in the evening while we were out..ni dia terapi minda yang dapat dilihat hari nii...Love it after the moon... :-)

Was taken while I was standing in front of HSBC Weld Quay
(pic from my HTC lens)

 Was taken while in the car passing by in front of Weld Quay
(please excuse the quality of the photo as it was taken while the car is moving)

This angle was from Mr. Hubby's HTC's lens (I love this one)


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